Why Your Vision Board Might Not Be Working And What To Do About It

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Happy New Year! Are you ready to make 2022 your favourite/most productive/fun/successful/accomplished year yet? I’m guessing you are if you’ve found your way here.

This is often the time of year people create their Vision Boards. I’ve been using Vision Boards to bring incredible things into my life for many years now!

I made my very first vision board in 2007 and have to say it worked its magic from that very first one.

Not everyone has had much success from Vision Boards though. Having taught many people how to make a board that actually WORKS, I wanted to share 5 reasons yours might not be working for you and what to do about it.


It’s so important to not have too much attachment to the outcome and I think that’s why I had great results from the start. What I mean by that is don’t just put your gas bill on there because you desperately need to pay it. You’ll just focus on the deadline and put so much pressure on yourself. It takes away the magic too.

This really should feel like fun.

The first one I made felt like fun and I added images of things I loved – Tiffany jewellery, Sydney Harbour Bridge with fireworks behind it, items of clothing, business class seats, a course I wanted to attend. And then things started happening. Some literally within weeks.

  1. The clothing I’d put on there I found reduced in the sale.

  2. My boyfriend at the time (who had NOT seen the vision board because quite frankly I was embarrassed it to show him) bought me a Tiffany bracelet.

  3. One day he told me he loved seeing how passionate I was about my business and offered to pay for the course I wanted to do. He also said he had loads of Air Miles and did I fancy going to Sydney? Er…yes!! Guess what day we landed!? New Year’s Eve just in time for the ONE day of the year that has fireworks over the bridge.

  4. Oh and we got upgraded to Business Class on the way out.

Wow! Can you tell why I got hooked straight away?

I know it sounds weird but the things that I put on there that just felt intriguing were often the things that came into my life most quickly. Like images of a living room I loved the lighting in and ended up getting the exact sofas in the photo for FREE (from a family member – not a dumpster ;-0). A random name I put on there, later became the name of a new friend.


When we focus too much on what we want and the fact it hasn’t arrived yet then that’s when the doubt can set in. It’s important to work on releasing any of the doubts around the possibility of any of the images on your board. I do this through rephrasing my doubts, writing strong affirmations, journaling on how I feel about the things on there and clearing any of the stubborn doubts with EFT/tapping.

Again, I’ll repeat this – the stuff that I feel desperate to happen is the stuff that doesn’t appear or takes a lot longer. So I’ve had to teach myself to trust and release that feeling. You have to BELIEVE it is not only possible but HERE already.


If you’ve made a Vision Board and it’s been a few months and you still haven’t seen any results then go back to the start.

I ALWAYS start with getting really clear on EXACTLY what I want and most importantly WHY.

Anyone can make a Vision Board but you have to get clarity on what you want in your life and the reason for it.


The whole point of a Vision Board is to imprint upon your Subconscious Mind exactly what you want to be, do and have in your life.

If the images don’t feel REAL to you then it may just feel like you’re looking at random scraps of paper stuck to a board – I know that’s what they are! – but that’s not enough for your Subconscious Mind.

So take a step back and see how you can make them feel more real. Don’t rely on images from magazines (or even Pinterest and Google). Think about how you can bring yourself onto the board. I love editing my images before I print them out or use them on a digital Vision Board.


This is not a cut and paste job and then you’re done. Well not for most people anyway. Sometimes you’ve had so much fun creating your board and zero attachment that things start to magically appear in your life – like my first board.

But if things aren’t showing up then your need to add some mindset work into the mix.

I love using visualisation to help me see and FEEL the images on the board in my life.

I’d an image of an Audi TT on my board for years, it wasn’t until I started visualising it that I got one. Within 2 weeks of starting the visualisation… it was in my parking spot! No joke.


Written by Emma Ward


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