Why I started an online learning community called Rise Up Women

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In September 2020, I launched Rise Up Women, a platform to change how women think about their careers. A virtual space where women can go to connect, learn and grow.

After working in recruitment for over 6 years, it was hard not to notice the huge underrepresentation of female leaders in almost every industry including my own. It baffled me because I met with amazingly talented women every day but why was it going so unnoticed by employers?

Part of the reason is because women often don’t like to talk about how good they really are. We have this voice in our head that tells us not to brag which means we come across less self assured than men. The result? We progress slower throughout our careers. This is all backed up by studies such as the ‘Confidence Gap‘. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you do.

What does all this mean?

Many women are limited by the confidence gap. This is the very route and cause of both the leadership and pay gap. As Hilary Clinton simply put it “Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world” and I agree with this statement whole heartedly. There is so much incredible talent out there not being seen, so what are we going to do about it?

Rise Up Women is here to encourage women to embrace their unique talents while also challenging them to pick up new skills along the way. It’s about making connections and discovering new opportunities to grow. We do this through the power of storytelling, and learning from other women’s experiences. We are here to provide community so as no one ever has to feel alone again. We are a group of mentors for one another, we acknowledge we are stronger as one and together we will create change the world has never seen before.



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