Rise Up Mentorship Programme – Here’s what we learnt

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In July 2021, Rise Up launched our very first mentorship programme and last week we had our final wrap up sessions with both mentees and mentors. Read more about the insights and trends we found as part of our results. 


The two-month virtual program aims to empower women to progress confidently with their careers and boost minority representation at leadership level. 

We had more than 200 applicants and out of this we selected 60 participants to take part in our inaugural program. 


The best part of our program is its diversity:


  • 95% of the applicants identify as female, non-binary or gender-fluid
  • 31% of mentees come from ethnic minority groups
  • 74% of the participants have 5 to 10 years of work experience
  • 91% of the participants between 28 and 38 years old
  • 65% of participants were working mothers 
  • 25% male mentors – 75% female mentors 


‘I would highly recommend this programme to immigrants trying to find their place in the country. They don’t teach you this stuff in college programmes.’- Aayushi Salampuria – Mentee 



We partnered with experienced mentors from Workday, Facebook, Teamwork, Linkedin, Dell, Momentive, Cartrawler,  EY, KPMG and many more for this series.    


“The mentorship program was hugely positive. I had the opportunity to be a support to others and made new connections with people who share my passion for building more diverse workplaces.” – Kate Kidd , Human Experience Director, Workday – Mentor 


Some of the programme’s achievements


  • 96% felt their mentorship experience provided extreme value 
  • 91% felt they finished the program having a broader and more diverse network
  • 92% of our mentees feel more confident to take on new challenges
  • 93% said they are closer to achieving their career goals 



  • 95% felt they expanded their network
  • 93% rated their match as a strong fit 
  • 92% felt they were able to share their learnings in a valuable way


What does our mentoring programme offer?


Our mentorship programme offers a safe and inclusive space where you can build meaningful relationships and receive guidance to help you grow your career. It is an opportunity to learn from an experienced mentor and also from peers who are going through similar challenges. 


‘I have tremendously built on my confidence, I have created a good and strong network in Customer Success and I have discovered constructive ways to communicate and change my mindset to a growth mindset’  Rumana Shaikh – CRM Technical Project Manager – Mentee 


‘A great platform to connect with mentors – saves you a great deal of time doing all that research yourself when you can simply hear it from the experts themselves.’ – Aayushi Salampuria – Operations Analyst – Mentee 


In the mentoring programme, mentees have access to:

  • At least 3 hours of 121 mentoring with their mentor
  • Career-based workshops and talks, led by experts and career coaches
  • Access to exclusive networking events
  • Access to interactive Slack group
  • Support from the wider community


“From the 1 on 1 mentoring sessions to the guest speakers and mentees meet ups, this program has given me the tools and confidence I need to excel in my career. It has also allowed me to expand my network with people outside of my own field.”  Ciara McFadden – Director of Commercial and Corporate Development – Mentee


What’s in it for mentors?


Not only do mentors get the joy of seeing someone else progress as a result of their support, but mentorship is also a valuable way to develop leadership and communication skills, gain confidence while you learn and expand your networks. 


Within the mentor networking sessions – we discussed key leadership topics such as talent attraction and retention, DE&I and what it means to be an inclusive workplace as well as the 360 employee experience. 


Through the scheme, mentors get:

  • Mentor Handbook
  • Join a Leadership Community of Mentors 
  • Access to exclusive networking events
  • 3 hours of mentoring over 6 weeks
  • Entry to interactive Slack group
  • A supportive community of people from all different backgrounds



‘I’ve hugely enjoyed my involvement in the Rise Up Mentorship Program, the mentee that I was partnered with was engaged, receptive and a pleasure to work with. I felt that my skills were completely aligned to the areas that she wanted to develop so it was wonderful to see and hear about her progress in even the short time that we were in touch. In addition the mentor network is exceptional, a band of like-minded professionals all looking to drive female leadership – I genuinely looked forward to both my mentor and the networking sessions!’ Niamh O Brien – Director at BDO – Mentor 


The benefits of mentoring


The benefits of mentoring are vast, for both the person being mentored, the person doing the mentoring, and the organisations they work at. Countless studies have been carried out on the positive effects mentoring can have, from confidence, to mental health, to promotion likelihood. This program brought all of this to light and we look forward to hosting our next program with more experience and learnings behind us. 

If you are someone who is interested in becoming a mentee or a mentor (or both) for future cohorts – then sign up as a Rise Up member today. www.joinriseup.com

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