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We know how hard it can be to find mentors, coaches and even peers that can help you grow your career. We understand that finding the right employer can be a difficult process. We’re here to change all of this. Let us show you how.

Meet your tribe

Get instant access to Rise Up members from hundreds of companies across the globe. Connect with leading professionals from an array of different fast growing industries. Join our peer network meet up’s plus our private slack channel to build meaningful relationships that will help grow your career.

Upskill with our events & workshops

Upskill with our Interactive workshops led by top coaches and Industry experts. You will also get to meet with and learn from inspiring role models at our community events. All events are interactive with the intention of connecting members together to share real life experiences & practical strategies to accelerate career growth. 

Mentorship & Resources

Our members have access to informal mentoring opportunities. In addition to this, we run a number of formal 1:1 mentoring programmes for a select few of our members. We also provide you with the ultimate personal & professional development toolkit full of curated blog posts and workbooks to help you identify your strengths and fulfil your true potential. 

Engage with Employers

We provide you with exclusive opportunities to engage with companies who are passionate about diversity, equity & inclusion. We give you a behind the scenes look at our partners company culture and show you what it’s like to work there by connecting you with real people who can share their personal experience with you. Be the first to hear about game changing opportunities with companies who care. 

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Our individual members come from organisations large and small all over the world.

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