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Negotiate That Raise, Promotion Or Job Offer

Ready to reframe your relationship with negotiation?

Surveys continue to find that the majority of women report feeling uncomfortable around negotiation and therefore avoid it altogether.

Ashley Pare is the CEO & Founder of Own Your Worth®, an organization bridging the gap between employees and employers. As a leadership and negotiation coach, Ashley gives clients the tools to own their worth and negotiate for what they want without fear of negative consequences. Ashley is a TEDx Speaker with more than a decade of corporate experience in global Human Resources. She’s been featured in The New York Times, Glamour, CNN Money, Good Morning America and more. She resides with her husband and son in Boston, MA. You can learn more about her work at www.ownyourworth.com.


Join us on May 12th @ 5pm – 6.15pm for an interactive and engaging session

Do fears, what-if’s, and worst-case scenarios prevent you from owning your worth and negotiating for your career? Join us to hear an HR insider’s perspective on confidently navigating the skill of negotiation to land your next raise, promotion, or new job offer.
Ashley will give attendees the tools and scripts on
  • How to be fearless
  • How to make the ask
  • What not to say/do when negotiating
  • HR Insider secrets employers don’t share
Time & Date

May 12, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm



Event Host

Ashle Pare