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Making Career Moves In Tech

Do you have dreams of a future as a Sales Director but feel stuck in your current role?

Are you targeting that new Customer Success position but doubt your experience in Support will get you the job?

Job searching is tough enough when you already do the job you’re going after. Trying to make the pivot to a new role brings a whole new set of challenges. 

And yet people in tech are doing it every day! So what’s the secret ? 

How do you leverage the experience you already have to get the job you want? Join Maria Duni, Country Manager at Personio, Alicja Szarniec, Senior Director at Pluralsight and Jana Metz, Sales Director ex Wrike as they share their paths to pivot within tech and the strategies you too can use to land your dream job. 

In this chat you’ll learn:

  • The common transition paths within tech
  • How to leverage the common skills across ALL roles in tech
  • Job search strategy – How to position yourself to employers 
  • The role of sponsorship and mentorship when making a move 
  • Finding allies in your organisation 
  • What is the interviewer looking out for from successful candidates 
  • Salary negotiation – how to ask for what you want 

Meet Our Panel 

Maria is currently leading Personio’s expansion across the Nordics as Country Manager. She further drives the company’s goal of becoming Europe’s leading HR software solution for SMB’s. Before joining Personio, Maria has previously contributed to the successful growth of other SaaS companies in the Nordic region such as Dropbox, MongoDB and IBM.

Alicja is a sales leader in tech industry with years of experience working for tech giants such as Oracle, LinkedIn and Pluralsight.

She is a global citizen – originally from Poland, has worked in Czech Republic and Ireland and has recently relocated to Germany.

Alicja is passionate about people development and has always prioritised coaching and mentoring in her leadership strategy. During her professional journey she has always been an active participant in women ERG groups and has been a champion and advocate for women in tech.


Jana is a highly motivated and dedicated senior sales leader with extensive experience in tech focused organisations. She joined her previous organisation, Wrike, in a junior business development position and progressed to a Sales Director in just under six years. As a Sales Director, Jana hired and managed a team globally. Jana prioritises staff development and coaching, with many of her team taking their own leadership positions in Wrike and in other organisations. Jana was fortunate enough to have female mentors over the years and made it one of her goals to provide the same support to other females in the industry. Currently she is working on a new exciting opportunity which will be announced soon.


Time & Date

October 20, 2021 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm



Event Host

Susan Dwyer