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How To Live Your Life By Intention

How do you live your life by intention? 

Setting goals and intentions from a meaningful & sustainable space. Learning to identify what we value, what we want to cultivate in our lives and where we want to focus, in order to bring the energy, action and alignment we need to progress & thrive.

Is this you?

  • I’d like to set goals from a deeper place
  • You’re interested in the creative process or manifesting
  • I want to clarify my intentions in every aspect of my life
  • I want to make a conscious commitment to my personal growth

What will it cover

  • Why we might to choose to set intentions instead of gaols
  • How we can use intentions
  • A 4 part process for intention setting

Meet Kate

Kate Gaffey is the founder of Workplace Wellness. She has provided soulful corporate wellbeing services to organisations in Ireland since 2014. Prior to this, Kate worked in the Financial Services sector and so she is more than aware of the daily pressures and stress that can come from working in fast paced and high output environments. Kate is passionate about facilitating meaningful conversations, authentic connection and unapologetic self-care. You can listen to Kate on the Good Glow podcast here, Good Glow health here and enjoy a 5 minute meditation with her here.

Time & Date

July 27, 2021 @ 1:30 am - 2:30 pm



Event Host

Susan Dwyer