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How to Lead with Positive Impact

Join us at Rise Up Women for our next event on ‘How to lead with Positive Impact’ with the amazing Anna Woods, Emerging Leadership Coach.

About this event

Creating positive impact or change is vital as we navigate the new future of work and life. We have such great opportunity to shape a brighter and healthier future, especially at an emerging leadership level.

A single person with a clarity of conscience and a willingness to speak up can make a difference. Contributing to the greater good is a deep and fundamental human need. When a leader, even a mid-level or lower-level leader, skilfully brings a voice and a vision, others will follow and surprising things can happen—even culture change on a large scale.

What we will cover:

The two elements of leading positive change for us to discuss

  • Leading Others – How do we achieve it, attitude & behaviours, skills required
  • Leading Self – Two types of self awareness, Internal and external self awareness
  • How to develop self awareness


Who is this event for?

  • Emerging Leaders who know they have big ambitions and would like to start planning for success now, right where they are.
  • Thinking leaders who are feeling they some simple support to lead positively in challenging times
  • Those who want to learn about self awareness and have a positive impact at work
  • Anyone curious about organisational dynamics and the psychology of leadership.
  • Anyone interesting in learning how coaching can help at this point in your career as an emerging leader.


Meet Anna

Anna has worked for 23 years in retail and made her way from Saturday assistant to the boardroom. She has always led with heart and backbone and championed developing people within organisations. A certified executive coach she now partners with retailers to develop their best assets, people. She is driven by her mission to create happier, healthier, more successful retail environments to keep the industry thriving.

She is particularly passionate about engaging the boardrooms of the future and helping emerging leaders get the support they need right now in order to thrive.

Her passion for understanding organisational dynamics and behaviour are what drives her coaching methodology. She is courageous with her clients and understands the pressures of leadership in the modern world.

‘I don’t believe in developing leadership performance at a surface level. I have an extensive background education in the development of people and an extensive professional background in organisational development. My approach and philosophy are unique in that I understand organisational complexity (systems thinking) and emotional complexity (psychodynamic thinking) and I engage with both.’

Check out her website here

Time & Date

July 15, 2021 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


Online event

Event Host

Anna Woods