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Fertility Myths & Misconceptions

‘Join us for this upcoming webinar ; ‘Fertility Myths & Misconceptions’.
Jessica Bourke, aka the Fertility Detective, will be your host for this detailed discussion, covering everything you ever wanted to know about how to maximise your fertility potential, with a particular focus on those who may be worried that time isn’t on their side.
Jessica will be covering the tests that are worth considering and those that aren’t, the medications that could help or hinder your egg quality, as well as the diet, lifestyle and supplement considerations you should be implementing, in order to improve your odds of success.
Rest assured, there will be time set aside for asking questions anonymously at the end of the event, so you will have the opportunity to seek clarification regarding any of the topics which were discussed.
Fertility struggles can feel extremely overwhelming, so Jessica will be focusing on simplifying this complex subject into actionable, practical, evidence based steps for you to take, towards your goal of a healthy pregnancy.
Bio/Intro-” With seventeen years of clinical experience dealing with fertility issues and pregnancy loss, Jessica has gained a reputation for helping people to succeed where everything else has failed. Jessica is a TEDx speaker, co-author of the ‘Guilt Free Gourmet’, and regularly appears in Irish media. She has featured as the ‘Ask the Expert’ on herfamily.ie and rollercoaster.ie and is the creator of the ground-breaking Making Sense of Miscarriage™ program, which offers detailed, evidence-based support for those who have suffered pregnancy loss. As your ‘Fertility Detective’, Jessica‘s goal is to help her clients “get pregnant and stay pregnant!”
Time & Date

May 25, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Event Host

Jessica Bourke