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#BreakTheBias – The Working Parent

International Women’s Day theme is #BreaktheBias, and in collaboration with Iconic Offices we are bringing together two experts to discuss how we can #BreaktheBias against the working parent.

Throughout the pandemic, many parents, in particular mothers, have left the workforce. Those who have continued in their roles may have worked fewer hours or did not go for a promotion or a new job due to childcare demands. 78% of all families have at least one working parents in their home, so working parents are commonplace. Despite this though, many working parents will face bias against them. As employers, co-workers and employees we can have either deliberate or unconscious bias against a working parent which impacts the recruitment, retention, engagement and career progression of that employee.

However, working parents are incredibly valuable to every organisation. They tend to be great multi-taskers, have better time management skills and are more empathic. So, what can we do as co-workers and employers to make a difference? This panel will discuss the trails working parents can face, how we can identify and challenge bias head-on and tools which can be enlisted to support the working parents.

This virtual event is taking place live from Dublin, Ireland. Please calculate the time difference if joining from elsewhere.

About the Panel:


Karishma Motiram, Working Parent Coach

A mindset coach who works with senior level working mothers to show up powerfully at work, without giving up the balance that is right for their families. Her passion is to put a spotlight on the added value, skills and growth that comes with being a working mother. Her long term goal is to change how businesses look at their parental leave packages, providing encouragement and support to return to work, rather than merely the time & space to be away contractually.


Sarah Courtney – Workplace Parent Coach 

Sarah helps make organisations a positive place for parents to thrive and contribute. She does this through Maternity & Paternity Coaching, Line Manager Support and In-House Talks. She is also a coach tutor with the Irish LifeCoach Institute.

She is a mum, a coach and a champion of supporting parents who want to remain in the workplace.  She has two daughters and a growing coaching practice. She believe’s balance should be the norm. My priorities are to work flexibly, doing work that she loves, that fits in with family life. She is constantly tweaking things so that life remains fun.


Time & Date

March 8, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



Event Host

Susan Dwyer