5 Ways To Get Your Linkedin Profile Ready For A Career Move

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 5 Ways To Get Your Linkedin Profile Ready For A Career Move 


Every day recruiters spend countless hours on Linkedin searching for new star candidates to hire. Whether you are an active candidate (can’t wait to leave my current job) or a passive candidate ( I’d leave but it would have to be for the right opportunity), you want to have a strong presence on Linkedin. 


Because Linkedin is a social network, it’s not just employers who you want to find you but it can be a great way to connect with other professionals who can offer information, introductions or general support. 


So how do you jazz up your profile without making it totally obvious to your current employer that you are open to new opportunities? Here are five easy updates to get you started. 


1. A picture says a thousand words 

Having a professional profile photo is more important than you think. Research shows that just by having a picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed than others. As a candidate, that means this little round image is a first chance to make a good impression on recruiters – and it’s a key element for your personal brand. Please do yourself a favor and don’t use an image of you out on the town or with a drink in hand. It’s so easy to take a professional headshot with your phone these days that you really have no excuse. Don’t forget about your background image also – having one makes a huge difference!


2. Re-write your headline for your new target role/ industry

Your linkedin headline is one of the most visible sections on your linkedin profile. Having a solid linkedin headline is key to making it clear who you are and what you bring to the table. It is your headline that will make you appear in search results. Remember, there is plenty of opportunity to go beyond your job title – include additional details and key words that will help you stand out to employers. Eg. Web Developer | Full Stack Engineer | Front End Specialist. This way you will not come up in only one search but three. 


3. About Section – AKA your personal brand statement 

You’ve managed to get someone on your page -what’s next? You can be almost guaranteed they will be headed straight to your about section. It is unlikely they will read all of it which is why the first three sentences are the most important and why you must start strong to grab the reader’s attention. Think about what is the one thing I want a recruiter or hiring manager to know about me and use this as your hook. Do whatever you can to make this section as non generic as possible. Other questions to ask yourself – What is unique to me? What am I passionate about? Where have I achieved my best results? 


4. Be Active 

Like any social media platform, liking, commenting, posting and sharing are key for visibility. When you engage with updates and articles posted by others, or with people who’ve engaged with yours, you’ll be seen by more people, automatically increasing your visibility on LinkedIn. Make sure you are engaging on the right topics and areas of interest to you. 


2. Grow your network 

You want to add people to your network who are connected to your career interests, whether that be your desired role, company or industry. Connect with people who share common interests with you, tell them you liked their recent post, maybe you have a mutual friend – reference that person and make sure to send a personalised invitation to separate yourself from everyone else.  Joining linkedin groups is another way to grow your network, find a group that interests you and from there you will meet others who share your interest. 


Whether you are anxiously looking for your next job or passively keeping an eye on the market, you would be wise to start investing some time into your linkedin profile. Take action today by following these five steps and we guarantee you will start to stand out for all the right reasons to potential employers who will be drawn to your profile.

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