5 tips on how to negotiate a higher salary

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Let’s be honest, most of us hate the idea of negotiating. It can feel somewhat confrontational which people tend to avoid like the plague.

But it shouldn’t – negotiating is all around us, it is a fundamental part of life and business.

1. First, make sure you are going into the meeting with a clear idea of your goals and what you want out of this conversation.  Be upfront and let the person know your value.

Bring up examples to prove why your worth what your worth. Think about where you have been recognised as a strong performer. Have you saved the business time, money or people lately? Make your list. Also discuss the area’s you plan to continuously add value to in the future.

2. Do your market research – You also need to know what the market is paying for someone with your skillset. Speak to headhunters, ask people in your network, look for reliable online resources. Use multiple resources to determine the final figure.

3Give a number, not a range – don’t let the employer make the decision for you. Naturally, if you give a range, the employer will most likely pick the lower number. It also can come across as if you are not sure of your worth and is unclear to the employer.

When asked what are your salary expectations, there will be two numbers in your head. The ideal salary and the willing to accept salary. The ideal salary will be slightly higher than what you know the market is dictating, always go in with this first. The employer will usually come back with a slightly lower offer which will be your willing to accept number in which case both parties will feel like they have gotten a good deal.

4. If this is a potential new employer, let them know you are interviewing elsewhere and there are other companies you are considering. If they like you and they know you have options, they are more likely to be competitive with an offer. Also, don’t bring up your salary expectations unless you are asked, it can send the wrong message.

 5. Finally, be calm and confident and try to enjoy it. This is a conversation that if done well, the outcome will be great.

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