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What Is Rise Up?

Rise Up is a leading career destination for women. We focus on supporting underrepresented talent to rise up and avail of new career growth opportunities. We provide access to a resource rich network full of online learning, coaching, mentoring and relationship building opportunities. We pride ourselves on connecting top female talent with the best employers who are people first. Our mission is to narrow the gender leadership gap and advance more women in their careers. We welcome all allies who are passionate about achieving parity to join our community.

Our Four Membership Pillars


Gain full access to our community events. Unlimited opportunity to learn from a diverse group of inspiring role models.


Join our interactive group workshops led by top coaches where we dive deep on specific personal and professional development topics.


Stay connected via our private Slack channel, give and take advice from other business leaders. Connect and network with top employers who are hiring for key positions. 


Join our virtual peer meet up’s where you meet monthly with other members from different industries & professions to build meaningful connections & broaden your network.

Susan Dwyer - Founder of Rise Up

For Employers

Looking to engage with, hire & retain more key female talent?

We work closely with companies to address the underrepresentation of women at leadership level in the corporate talent pipeline.

We find and connect you with qualified talent to show them how they belong at your company, allowing you to drive innovation and gain the diversity edge. We upskill your team with our bespoke coaching programmes to make sure you are constantly developing your talent pipeline.

The result? More engaged, diverse, energised workforces and innovative, profitable businesses.

what you'll get as a member

Rise Up strives to foster a community of purposeful inclusion. Together, we continue to encourage, support and celebrate the diverse voices of our members. We value diversity of racial and cultural background, sexual orientation, disability status, age, religion or any other aspect that makes a human being unique. We believe our male allies play an integral role in achieving equality and we welcome them to participate actively in our community.

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Rise Up is a platform built for ambitious women who love to learn. It’s a place for career women to feel inspired, connect with others, have fun and grow.

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